Race Checklist


Entry Form Information (Click here if you need one)

The entry blank should contain the following information:

  • Date of race
  • Starting time
  • Start and finish site(s), directions, transportation, parking information
  • Race distance
  • Course description (include terrain, landmarks, mile markers, elevation)
  • Course map
  • Course certification number
  • Sponsoring/assisting organizations
  • Municipalities recognition
  • Sponsor/contributor recognition
  • Age groups/Awards
  • Awards/Prizes (with depth in each category)
  • Club/corporate team categories/prizes (team rules spelled out), if applicable
  • Time/Location of awards ceremony
  • Amenities (Tshirt, etc. with limits)
  • Tshirt/package pickup information
  • Race information contact/address/telephone number
  • Entry fee (spell out nonrefundable!), entry deadline, check payable to...
  • Number pickup information
  • Mailing address (on the application part to be mailed and on the information part kept by the athlete)
  • Race limit, if applicable
  • Refreshments
  • Clinics and other related activities

The application part should request:

  • Name, address (street, city, state, zip), telephone
  • Age and date of birth, sex
  • Where applicable: Special category and team/club designation, estimated finish time
  • Signature (parent or guardian if under 18) acknowledging Waiver of Liability


Promote the race with help of the following methods:

  • Distribution of entry forms through mailing, at running stores, health clubs, at races
  • Posters
  • Press announcements (calendar listing) to local newspapers, running magazines
  • Television/Radio public service announcements
  • Press releases
  • Neighborhood flyer

Assign race photographer

  • For participants photo’s (sales) and
  • For documentation and future sponsor presentation

Pre Race

During the months preceding the race, the following tasks should be accomplished:

  • Parade Permits
  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Course measurement and certification
  • Course miles marked
  • Signage prepared for course and race site
  • Police Liaison/details arranged
  • Fire department notified
  • Hospitals notified/Ambulance services arranged or notified
  • Press/Course vehicles obtained
  • Tshirts/other giveaway items obtained
  • Race numbers/Safety pins obtained
  • Entry forms filed in alphabetical order and entry fees deposited

Volunteer committees established and captains appointed for:

  • registration
  • publicity and promotion
  • sponsors and donations
  • timing and scoring
  • medical
  • aid stations
  • course security/marshals/communications
  • results posting and distribution
  • awards
  • refreshments/cleanup

Runner's information prepared for distribution and/or posting on race day:

  • Medical/weather information
  • Timing/starting lineup information
  • Course map with mile markers and aid stations
  • Clothing/check in/changing facilities/showers
  • Results posting

Race Day

Final details for a smooth running and safe race:

Course/informational signs posted Volunteer/Official area assembled

  • tables/chairs/signage posted
  • coffee/refreshments
  • Tshirt/Official identification
  • Instructional briefings prepared

Preregistered runners area

  • list/printout posted
  • number pickup
  • tshirt/packet pickup

Post registration area setup

  • entry forms/pens/pencils
  • race numbers/pins
  • race packets
  • cash box/change
  • Trouble table setup
  • Police briefed
  • Course officials/marshals briefed
  • Start/Finish officials briefed
  • Official photographer(s) briefed (provide with shotlist)
  • Press/Course vehicle drivers briefed (someone very familiar with course should serve as guide in each vehicle!)
  • Trailsweep vehicle driver briefed (provide vehicle with water, cups, blankets, firstaid kit, etc.)
  • Official starter equipped and briefed
  • Start/finish banner(s) mounted
  • Start/finish review stands assembled
  • PA system(s) bullhorns functioning

Start/Finish line equipment in place:

  • pace/seeding signs
  • finish tape
  • chute materials (stanchions, rope)
  • digital clock
  • chronomix timers
  • computer system (working)
  • recording sheets, clipboards, pencils for timers, select timers, bib number recorders
  • bar code spindles (if applicable)
  • tables/chairs
  • electric power hookup (generator)
  • water station setup
  • Restroom facilities in place
  • Clothing checkin in place

Medical area setup

  • isolated, covered area near finish line
  • supervising MD and qualified nurses, EMT's
  • communications
  • ice, IV's, hot and cold fluids, cots, blankets
  • immediate triage capability

Water stations materials in place:

  • water on course
  • electrolyte replacement fluid  at finish line
  • cups
  • pitchers
  • tables
  • barrels/trash bags
  • rakes (for cleanup)

Course material in place

  • mile/kilometer markers
  • directional arrows
  • water/aid station markers
  • communication equipment/personnel (ham radio volunteers)
  • stop watches for mile split callers

Results area functioning:

  • isolated area close to finish line
  • tables/chairs
  • electric power hookup
  • computer and printer
  • preprinted awards/results sheets

Refreshments area functioning:

  • tables
  • ice
  • knives, forks, spoons (depends on foods available), napkins
  • trash barrels/bags

Awards area functioning:

  • tables/chairs
  • podium/announcing stand
  • PA system
  • awards display area, with awards arranged in order of distribution
  • results posting board/area

Post Race

  • Cleanup accomplished (course, start and finish area, locker rooms, etc.)
  • Press release with results
  • Post race stories/photos to press
  • Post race mailing to participants
  • Thank you's to sponsors, volunteers, contributors, municipalities, facility owners
  • Postrace evaluation meeting with organizing committee
  • Volunteer/Officials party